Monday, February 11, 2013

My Zumba Broke....

YES, My Zumba Broke...
I used my Zumba "Learn the Steps" CD twice as they suggested....
So on the Third day...I slipped the Activate CD into the DVD player and started working out. Following their guide seemed to work... I did (and GOT) most of the steps correct. Proud of myself...I danced along for 35 minutes....
THEN.....It all came to a STOP!
What the $%&^&*???
It (the CD) froze in mid-dance....The instructor was frozen in mid-action! 
I could NOT get it working. Took the CD out, put it back in....NOPE!
New message:
Unauthorized Alert!
Unauthorized? What???
So, I quickly tried the other CD's. Same warning, wouldn't play!
I was doing so good for an old lady! 

Instead of Sweating to the Oldies...This Oldie was Sweating to the ZUMBA! And NOW...I was cooling down body-wise and heat'n up MAD!
GRUMBLE, GRUMBLE...Scream, Scream !
OKAY...focus NeeCee....I grabbed another CD that was Latin Dancercise....And POPPED it in the DVD!
Success! :0
Another 30 minutes and I had completed the new CD!
Whew...That wasn't EASY. But I got it done and 
Then next day, same thing the LATIN Dancercise CD! 
That was a GOOD workout! Then I added some dumb bell workouts and core exercises. Feeling GOOD!
Day after that I headed south to the other ranch to meet HUBBY! We were headed to  a Business Weekend Retreat in Tahoe.
I packed my Zumba CD'S back in the box....
I am returning & replacing my CD set! Hitting the Store where we bought it as soon as I get back! 
I really like the Zumba....Hope I can get a replacement soon!
SO, since I was traveling....
I brought my deck of Cards....AND I will work out in the room.
They have a great exercise room at hotel...maybe I will use that too!
(See my post HERE for directions)
NOT HOME to WEIGH MYSELF....SO, I will report that next week!
BUT, I can Feel the Pounds & Inches Dropping Off with Style...
NeeCee Signature
Fat Tuesday & Ash Wednesday is this WEEK!
 For LENT... I am concentrating & vowing to lose weight, eating healthy and exercising hard no less than 3 days a week!
I'm choosing a better/healthier lifestyle. 
I will splurge (food-wise) ONE day a week!

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