Saturday, March 9, 2013

Be Unique with Style & Grace...

To be Unique with Style & Grace...
in other words:
U B U, I B ME...
(You be You, I Be Me)
I am not an expert...on exercise or style...but I know what works for ME....
That's all we need to do:  Find what works for YOU!
In this world, what works for YOU... should be YOUR STYLE!
We should practice OUR independence & STRIVE to be individuals!
That's what makes Us UNIQUE!
Just be happy with WHO and WHAT we are.  And WHERE we are at in this life. There are so many stages life brings...so we need to just accept WHO we are at this moment! And Work on WHAT we should change to improve OUR health!
Being Healthy & Happy lets you enjoy being YOU!
"Uniquely YOU"
So, That's what I have been doing...
Slowly getting back into my normal routine since Dad passed. After taking care of Dad the last couple of years, I must relearn to make time (and take care) of myself. 
I think its natural to Start & Stop any, diet, exercise, new routine or changing an old habit...BUT the KEY...is to BEGIN AGAIN!
SO That being said....
I am Beginning Again....after the Head Bang on the Car Door, the Fall Down the Stairs (see my previous workout post here)...I started in on my exercise program again...THEN....I Slashed my HAND open with a Knife!
*(I waited several days before I took a photo & did a little photo touch up! TOO NASTY...didn't want to gross you out! Haha)
It was gashed open PRETTY DARN good! I probably should have had stitches, several stitches....BUT....1. I had butterfly bandages, 2. I had company for the weekend, 3. it was Saturday & didn't want to go to the ER, besides.... 4. I didn't have time...we had things to do and places to go! 
So Hubby and I did our own medical treatment....IT WORKED!
 Plus I had pain pills on hand! Yeah!

Needless to say....My workouts were put on hold! BUT I did stay on my Healthier diet... so my LENT Vow was NOT (completely) broken! 
URG!!! :S
Yummy...Fresh Cajun Salmon & veggies for Lunch!
I did loose more weight (another 4 lbs) and I am now back into my exercise routine.
Hence, NO more beating myself with worry about best laid plans for work outs, etc.
Being Clutzy and Out of comission WAS OUT of MY CONTROL!
So I am Going with & sticking to my MOTTO:
Me & Dad
"We are not defined by Age, Beauty or Fitness...
We are admired for being Unique with Style & Grace!" @NeeCee
Will you... 
JOIN my Challenge to be 
Love Life, Be Unique with Style & Grace...
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