Sunday, March 10, 2013

Quick Fix in the Bathroom...

A quick fix in the bathroom...
BEFORE the guests came!
 I had company coming....
AND...the toilet tissue holder (in the guest bath)  BROKE!
 Oh well...it was a PAIN anyway! And I mean a PAIN!
It had been mounted perfectly... to HIT your ELBOW!!!!
 First...I laid the tissue on the counter!!!! MMMmmm, looks OKAY there! So I placed a marble dish underneath it! WAA-LAH! Not bad!?!
It'll WORK!...Thats ALL that matters! For NOW!
 Next....I pulled out the tools I needed!
 **(Son-by Love...bought this set for me years ago....I think he got tired of me asking to borrow his!)
 And my trusty little screw driver kit.....
**(My Other DAD gave these to me as a gift for the house...SWEET of HIM...Thanks BOB :) I think of you every time I use them!)
 SO...back to the problem at hand!
I didn't want to leave the broken tissue holder in place. I didn't want 2 holes in the cupboard!!!! What to do????
I did NOT have wood putty or stain to match! A solution was needed!!!
 IDEA...Popped in MY HEAD!
I had some silver conchos... (only ONE was the Size I needed), so I grabbed an old plastic lid, cut a rough circle/disk. The HOLE was TOO big ON THE METAL DISK USED TO ATTACH THE ORIGINAL HOLDER, (see the center bottom of the photo)! SOOO, I used the new disk (see top middle), put the screw to the Concho threw the plastic and placed it in the metal disk!!!! 
NO ugly holes left uncovered! YES...I know it's Horses...AND my bathroom is BEACHY! (Shhhh...I don't think it was noticed!) BUT...it was a solution until I could patch and stain!
BUT....Don't you think this would be CUTE in a Western BATHROOM???
Especially as DRAWER PULLS!!!!
WHY YES, Yes I DO!!!!
Easy Solution & An Easy Fix with Style...
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