Monday, March 18, 2013

Easter TableScape & Decor

Easter is on it's way....SOON!
Here is Our Easter TableScape & Decor
 Waiting for Easter.....
 Simple works for me this year....
 This table is in my Studio/Office
 I LOVE these bunnies....Too Cute!
 See the post HERE to learn how to make Bunny Napkins!
 Easter found a home on my Desk!
*(The photos are myself & a granddaughter sporting the same Hair-doo!)
 Anyone who knows me...knows this is how I like my carrots...FAKE!
 I love this little bunny basket....I've had this basket for YEARS!
He's so CUTE!
 My faux Easter Books...great for hiding Easter surprises!
 My Bunnies chased off the Leprechauns that were in the windowsills!
 My parents bought these paper mache' Easter Eggs many years ago for our Easter present! 
 And....my silly Bunnies;
"See NO Evil, Hear NO Evil & Say NO evil"
 Another window bunny!
Have a Happy Easter with Style...
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Bev Carter said...

All of your Easter displays are so beautiful. I especially love the bunnies on your table.
Have a nice week,

Unknown said...

Thank you for the great ideas....love your holiday inspirations! :) xoxox Wendy