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Gourmet Easter Nests for Breakfast...

Gourmet Easter Nests for Breakfast...
I wanted to make something special for my 
500th Post!!!
Hubby had come home from a business trip and wanted something "Gourmet" for breakfast! He was joking BUT I took the challenge to heart! I gathered ingredients I had on hand and formed a meal in my head in a matter of minutes! My 500th post/recipe was in progress. Hubby was surprised needless to say, when he was called to the table a while later. This is what he saw...
 Gourmet Easter Nests for Breakfast/Brunch
Hubby declared it "HEAVENLY"! Said it was ONE of the BEST meals he's EVER had! Now THAT is a COMPLIMENT!
 Recipe for Gourmet Easter Nest Breakfast:
1 box of Puff Pastry, thawed
Sliced ham, 1 per person
1/2 onion, grilled
Butter for cooking
1 package of hollandaise sauce, follow directions
1 can of cooked white potatoes, drained, cut chunky
1 can of cooked sweet potatoes, drained , cut chunky
*I only had a family size tin on hand so I froze half of the potatoes to use later.
Eggs, 1 or 2 person, cooked over easy
Salt, Pepper or Garlic Pepper for seasoning, to taste
Chives for garnish
Fried Cheese for Garnish, optional... (go HERE for the post/recipe)
 This recipe takes a little more prep time...but really does go together quick once everything is prepared and ready.
Thawed Puff Pastry, place on a prepared baking sheet and form into a free form rustic style pie shell. 
*You can form these nests into individual servings, servings for two or make one large one for several people.....It all WORKS!
 I made two large ones (for sharing)...bake at 400 degrees for 12-15 minutes.
I prepared them with cooking spray and garlic salt before baking.
 While those were baking, I made the grilled hash!
Sliced onion, large chunks of potatoes (both white & sweet), fried in a pan with 1 tablespoon of butter, salt and pepper.
Saute' until lightly grilled.
 *When cooked, I placed the hash in a (turned off) warmed oven until I was ready for the assembly of the nests.
 I used thin slices of onion and big chunks of potatoes for the hash.
 The potato hash is done...and so is the puff pastry. 
 Poke the middle of the pastry with a fork....
 Then flatten the center with the fork. Set aside.
 Grill the ham, one slab per person
 Make the hollandaise sauce according to the package
Fried cheese, optional...crumble and sprinkle on top of the food.
*See above to connect to this recipe/directions
Start the fried Eggs, Over Easy, 1-2 person....
Assemble as soon as the eggs are ready... 
*If you are making an extra large NEST; assemble everything and then add all of the eggs last. Keep everything in a warm, but turned off, oven as you are working. Use a large baking pan or oven safe platter for the extra large size.
Time to assemble:
Puff Pastry & Hollandaise Sauce
Place the sauce in the base of the pastry
 Fried Ham....Ready
Place the ham in the base of the nest/pastry shell
 Next; Layer the hash around the sides of the nest...
Place the fried eggs on top of the meat & potatoes...Then drizzle with more hollandaise sauce...Garnish with chives and or fried cheese crumbles.
 Oh YUMMY for MY Tummy!
Look at the awesome waterfall effect of the Yolk running through the NEST! Mmm-Mmm Good!
 Here's another version of assembly....With the Crumbled FRIED Cheese on TOP!
The Ham and Sweet potatoes added so much flavor to this recipe!
This combo of food was amazing.
As Hubby said, "I'm in Food Heaven!"
Serving Easter Breakfast with Style & Taste...
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Callie @ Callies Crafts said...

That looks so yummy. I pinned it for later.

NeeCee said...

This dish has a wonderful blend of flavors.... Hubby is still talking about it! Thank you for the lovely compliment....have a wonderful weekend....NeeCee