Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Adding Embellishments to a Summer Dress...

A friend ask me about making a pair of earrings to match a new favorite summer dress. 
Of course I said YES!
But...YA know me...
There had to be some BLING!  NOT just earrings....
I had to add JUST a little bit more BLING to the ensemble!
I LOVE the results...AND so did she! 
 This is the Dress my friend bought!
Too cute! 
She wanted matching earrings. The yellow is more like a chartreuse yellow meaning a yellowish green. Hard to match!
 BUT, I found an easy solution. 
 This is a close up of the original neckline. I wanted to add crystal beads in a pale yellow to bling-up the neckline.
 I added pale yellow crystals on either side of the turquoise colored beads. Then I made a removable jewelry fob of Yellow Swarovski Crystals & Turquoise to hang on the "V" of the neckline. I used a necklace lobster claw for the jewelry fob and attached it to the base of the neckline.  
This made the neckline look like a necklace!
A simple embellishment made a beautiful difference!
 I then made a pair of earrings and a bracelet to match.
My Friend LOVED the enhanced neckline of the dress and... 
The jewelry to match!
 Enhanced & Embellished with  Style!
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