Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Battle of the Bulge...

The Battle of the Bulge is still the "HOT" 
Topic around here...
'Cause it's WORK'N!!!
If you have been reading the blog since I started this healthy way of living...you have seen some of the food recipes I have been eating! 
Peach Ice Cream, Brisket Tacos., Etc! I swear I haven't had many thoughts of CHEATING and ruining my diet! Sure I have the occasional craving...but I haven't cheated! I actually could if I wanted too!
If you remember... the FREE Biofit App I posted about (here: April 23rd), gives you options and a food calculator to guide you daily on your food choices. And the freedom to CHEAT, (a red meal) once a week!
It's so easy, it's not long before you learn what you can and shouldn't eat.
 Peach & Strawberry Semi-Homemade Ice Cream
Brisket Taco's
So as I said in my opening sentence...
 It's a "HOT" subject around here lately! 
Not only the weight loss, but the WEATHER! YES...WE are having a HEAT WAVE out here on the West Coast! 
Do YOU see the Temp on my CAR?
No, the car wasn't sitting in the Sun! I was driving in a very shady little town....when I pulled over to get a photo of my DASH!
This was on Friday, after taking Hubby's Mama to her Doctor's appointment!...Earlier in the week (MONDAY), when the heat was cranking up...there was a BIG fire in town!
It was a HOT afternoon, we went to pickup Hubby's pick-up truck, that had been serviced. We had commented about the black smoke coming from somewhere in town! (We live several miles out of town and it was quite noticeable!) I dropped off my husband and left to run some errands, he was going to do the same, them meet me for dinner in town!
Yes, YOU can eat out on this diet! No problem!!!
I had just gotten to my FIRST stop when Hubby called!
MMmm...They just closed the bridge behind ME, because of the fire
I could NOW see the FLAMES from across town!
The Sale Lane Fire @ Photographer unknown, June 2013
Needless to say, our dinner plans were changed. Hubby had to take a very long route home.
 The closed Bridge is a major artery through town with no other access for miles! 
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ANYWAY...I have finally started my Water 
 Because of the Heat...
the pool is VERY warm. Kind of like bath water!
 Before this heat wave, the weather hadn't really been warm enough to swim!!!
Especially since our pool is NOT heated!
I'm Off to do my water work out!
Have YOU joined me in the Weight Loss Club

@google images Don't FORGET to eat YOUR veggies...
AND your FRUIT too!
Working on the Battle of the Bulge with Style...
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