Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Crash, Boom, Bang!...

This has been a Crash, Boom, BANG-up the week or so.
First we had an Earthquake (May23rd) centered near here.....
5.7, 6.2, 7.2...
was the final measurement I heard....My cousins were here from Alaska...We had been to Dinner! We missed feeling the shake, but my brother had called to ask...We had been driving so WE never felt a thing!
BUT...When we got home we noticed the pictures were crooked on the walls and one had fallen over!
Our fridge is NOT working...and parts are being repaired! So when I went into the pantry a couple of days later...
"It rained Pots & Pans on my HEAD!"
They must have jiggled around in the quakey-shakey!
YEAH for ME! That was fun...NOT!
We went to dinner in town! (YES, again...Remember the fridge is out of commission!!!) We were meeting some out of town weekend guests.
We were just starting to eat dinner...
The Cell Phone rang!
Number #1 Son was on the Phone...
"Everything is FINE, K-8's NOT hurt"
...BUT there's been an
It LOOKS much worse close up!
She had been sitting at a stop sign waiting her turn...
The most important thing was...She was FINE! The Car is replaceable...SHE is NOT!
Just sitting & waiting at a stop sign for HER turn...YIKES!
So, Why did I write this POST today?
In case of an Accident, there's a few tips that could help get you through the whole mess.

1. First and most important: check yourself and others for injuries! 
Call for help if needed!
2. As soon as you are able get the License plate of any other vehicles. Write it down, use your cell phone camera or say the vehicle license plate out loud several times to remember the number. 
*You never know if a driver will panic and drive off!
3. Turn on your Hazard lights,
 (*There are emergency car accident kits that have a host of supplies...good to keep in your trunk)
4. Call the Police and report the Accident...it may look minor, but you never know. Your Insurance Co. will want to know if a report was made.
If SAFE, move your car out of harms way. This is only determined according to each individual situation.
5. Determine if it is safe to stay or leave the car. The weather, safety, injuries, night time, etc. will ALL be a factor in this case.
6. Look for Witnesses to the accident. Ask them to stay on the scene and get their contact information. 
They could provide valuable statements.
7. Exchange information with the other Driver/s, but ONLY after you size up the situation and everything is "Kosher & Safe". 
*A teen by themselves, should always call their Parent/s as soon as possible. Another Adult on YOUR side will always be helpful!
 Names, phone numbers, addresses, Driver's License (cell phone photos help), Auto Insurance companies, their phone numbers and policy numbers. 
Record the make, model and color of the other vehicle. 
Take a photo of their vehicle. 
Write down the LOCATION of the accident. Street name or names if in an intersection, the Town, Landmarks if necessary.
 Take Photos.
Take Lots of Photos!
8. Tell the Police officers, Insurance people, Medical workers....etc., exactly what happened.
 Be specific, clear & concise.
9. Inform your Insurance Company as soon as possible, whether it's that day or the next business day. 
Let your Insurance adjuster handle everything....
Refer phone calls, letters, etc. to him/her. 
Do not talk to the other drivers Insurance agent. 
That's why you have Insurance.
10. YOUR glove compartment in YOUR car should have the following items with your car registration:
A pen, note paper, medical info, medications list, allergies, flash light, disposable camera (or your cell phone/camera), maybe even a fill-in accident form (They can be found online or some Insurance Agencies have them. It's HANDY...you don't want to forget any important info). 
AND...always have you Vehicle Insurance info, phone number & policy number.
* In California, your registration and insurance info is required to be in your vehicle. 
11. In your Trunk: a small first aide kit, auto emergency kit, and a blanket. Maybe another Flashlight too.
12. Try to stay calm & polite...LESS conversation is MORE in this case...wait for the police officer, then explain things to him/her!
It is more important to get help & stay safe!
A car can and will be replaceable...You are NOT!
If your Car is Towed...
Make sure all of you valuables are removed from the car.
Know what your insurance will cover before an accident occurs. Follow through with talking to the Insurance, Towing co. & Auto Body Shop. Also be aware if a rental car is covered. Make sure if you are a Teen, what if any coverage for a rental car applies. States vary on this.
*In our case if you are 18, in College and/or work the Rental Agency should able to rent you a car.
 In California in most cases, if you are UNDER 25 years old, you CAN'T rent a car.)
Know Your Own Information... 
Photo of the Intersection...
We are SO happy K-8 is OK! Very sore and achy, BUT OKAY!
PROUD of HER for handling everything correctly!
She did awesome in an EMERGENCY situation!
K-8 is GREAT...
 "She Handled Everything with Style"...

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