Monday, June 3, 2013

Pecking Order Pillows...

Finally found the fabric I've been looking for....
It was called; "Pecking Order"...
Yes, it's Roosters....It had to match MY kitchen!
Recently I added a table to my window nook, transforming it into a Breakfast/Dining area...(see post here).
SOoo, I wanted to find or make pillows to match for the window seating area.
Found the fabric at Joanne's!!!
Just what I wanted!
Good things come to those who wait!
I had been searching for a while. A LONG while!
 This fabric needs to be dry cleaned. MMmm, sometimes a draw back! :S
BUT...the fabric was perfect in EVERY WAY...Color & Print!
SOOOooo, I bought it!
 AND...pulled out the Sewing Machine!
 Here is a close up of the fabric...just incase you get the notion to use the same fabric!
 I decided to cut the fabric into 1 yard pieces, 3 in all.
I turned the fabric's edges over 1", and ironed in place. 
Then I turned the fabric over again, another inch.  So NO raw edges were showing. I did this on two 2 sides, lengthwise!
 Then I sewed the two sides (lengthwise) using the sewing machine. 
 I repeated the above steps on the two remaining raw edges. 
This gave me a large finished piece of fabric.
*I made the pillows in this fashion so it will be easy to take the fabric to the dry cleaners. I won't have to pay a huge amount for dry cleaning. AND, it will be easy to place the bolster back into the fabric! :)
 I then place the finished fabric (wrong side up) on the table, and place the bolster pillow in the center....
 Then I rolled the fabric around the pillow, like a candy wrapper!
Tying both ends shut. I used twine for my ties, easy peasy!
 All you have to do is trim the twine to the length you want after tying!
*I used three pieces of twine for each end, I cut them the length of my arm, them trimmed after the bows were tied!
 The colors matched perfectly!
 I made 3 large bolster pillows in all...
The perfect finish for the nook!
I'm Crowing About My New Pillows with Style...

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