Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bird Cage Chandelier...

I bought this Bird Cage at a thrift store called Grandma's Treasures...
I knew instantly how I was going to use it!!!
I secretly hoped it was priced to BUY!!!
"My Birdhouse Chandelier"
 It was price to SELL...I love being in the right place at the right time! This piece is very heavy, wrought iron!
The $20 price tag worked for ME!
 I didn't paint it! I left it as is, but I did use a clear spray on the bottom of the cage to seal it from rusting more! It was in very good condition. BUT...
I did NOT like the metal leaves placed around the cage...
(My Kitty's had to help check it out!)
 The hook is very sturdy....No problem hanging this baby!
 I wanted to use Solar lights....that way I don't have to worry about where I place it or having power available. 
 Reba decided to pose for YOU!
 Mac had become easily BORED!...What a Fat Kitty!
 I grabbed my small bolt cutters and sniped off the metal leaves!
Much better,.... I think!
 YA...Much Better!
 I grabbed a few supplies, pulled out the solar lights and in a matter of minutes I had my new outdoor Chandelier! Just a few zip ties and I was done!

I bought the lights on clearance at Target and I used 4 sets! At $5 a piece...
I had made my Outdoor Chandelier for a total of $40!
 I used the small zip ties to attach the lights to the top of the cage. I staggered the lengths of the lights and placed all of the solar boxes on top so the batteries may be easily replaced.
Our NEXT big Project....The YARD 
Please excuse the ugly yard! It's a work in process....
So, these are the trees I am considering the Bird Cage Chandelier might hang.
Just a little sun charging and I was in business....
Now, which tree should I hang it from???
And where is that Man of Mine when I NEED him! LOL
Lighting Up the Night with Style... 
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Brenda Rowan said...

I just bought one just like this for $22 thanks for the idea