Friday, August 16, 2013

Oh Madeline! Scenes from the Summer Ranch...

Scenes from the Summer Ranch...
 "Welcome to the Ranch...Enjoy the views"... XO, NeeCee
 "The Old Stump Collection"
 "Shadows on the Mountains"
"The Old Shed Door"
 "Wild Kangaroo Paws amongst the Sage Brush"
 "Late Afternoon at the Rope Swing"
 "The Old Well"
 "The Old Hitch'n Post"
 "A Fence Post"
 "Where the WildFlowers Grow"
"At the Front Door" 
 "K-8 on her Great Grandfather's Saddle"
 "Views of the Old Olson Ranch"
 "Where the Green Moss Grows"
 "Norbert's View"
This view/area is fondly remembered as Norbert's View. Our very good friend loved to stand here and gaze around the ranch. It's a new fence since he was here... But, he use to lean on the fence post and drink in the views from right here. He left us too soon and now he watches over us from above. 
Looking out the kitchen window just isn't the same...But I still picture him there....
"Always in our thoughts...We miss You Norbert!" xo, NeeCee
 "Still room to Grow"
 "Wild Roses by the Old Gate"
 "K-8 & Polly going for a Ride"
 "Dry Year, Wet Creek"
 "The Warning"
"Old Barn Bones"
These Photo's have Ranch-Style...
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