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Spam-Wich? Spam-Wich & Bacon? Yummo!...

This is a family favorite! Has been for YEARS!
Don't turn your "nose up" until you try this recipe... (smile-smile)
Spam is just HAM!
I first helped make (and tried) this sandwich spread over forty years ago...
It was an inexpensive meal..."Besides BEEF was for Selling"!
(That was a common quote back then...cheaper meals were prepared at home and beef was income!)
Hubby's family (Mom) made this recipe on a regular basic...
And...We CRAVE it several times a year...
This is my version...Some of us in the family, like to add our own personal twist to the recipe....
This is my Spam-Wich Spread with added Bacon, Tomatoes & Cheese...
Then you Grill IT! Just like a Grilled Cheese sandwich.
How many ways can you say...YUM?
This is just Spam-Wich Spread (alone) and grilled. Mom D. likes to use hot Dog buns, fill them with the spread, and wrap them in foil...then they are heated in the oven (350 degrees) until hot. The spam spread may be frozen and used for later...this is a large batch...In our family it goes pretty fast!
My Spam-Wich Spread:
1 dozen boiled eggs, grated
4 cans of original or peppered spam, shred using a grater
1 can of chopped olives, drained
4 cups of shredded cheddar cheese...(I used a Mexican Blend)
Seasonings to taste; garlic salt, salt & black pepper
2 cups of Mayonnaise , more if you need it...
1/2 cup of catsup
1/3 cup of prepared mustard
1 tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce
2 tablespoons of minced dehydrated onions
1/2 cup of chopped mild bell peppers, 
(I used canned yellow & red peppers packed in olive oil)
Mix Well and serve hot or cold, mixture may be frozen...
This is a large quantity recipe.
*We serve ours on sour dough bread, hot dog buns or hamburger buns...
I also sometimes add crisp bacon, tomatoes, more cheese or a fried egg it you are having it for breakfast instead of lunch or dinner.
Shredded cheese, boiled eggs & canned spam
Use a grater to shred the spam.
Let the Shredding begin...
Chopped yellow & red peppers
Add the chopped olives, spices, then blend in the condiments...
Mix well and then blend in the Worcestershire sauce. It is ready to eat!
I divided my batch of spam-wich and froze to use later.
YUM....This is so good!
I served this to my Dice Night Girlfriends! I had one friend turned up her nose...but SHE tried it and agreed it was good! She said she grew up eating TOO much of it and that's why she doesn't eat very often. I totally understand that! That's why I served Ham sliders too! Anyway, this friend sent me a message a few days later...
"When are you going to post the spam-wich? I need the recipe! MY Husband LOVED it!!!"
Heehee....I LOVE IT!
This Spam has Style...
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