Friday, September 27, 2013

It Was a Cake Walk...

It was Grandparent's Day at school this month...The school were our daughter's children attend, go all out for the grandparents.
They start out with a small assembly in the Gym. Songs, Skits, musical instruments are shared by each grade. Children are dressed for the party in their finest clothes, hair curled & combed to perfection!
We are then adjourned to the classrooms for art projects, grandparent introductions and sharing...
Then we are fed a BBQ lunch with all the fixings...
AND THEN...the Cake Auction begins!
The children bake and decorate beautiful cakes to be auctioned off to raise money for field trips!
It is Fun for ALL on Grandparent's Day!
My "Angel Baby" made an awesome Mickey Cake and was a winner in the Cake Contest. Whoo-hoo!
Years ago our children's school need something new and fresh to raise money for field trips. I was in the PTA, and I suggested we start a Cake Auction to raise money....Years later, Our Daughter's community had the same needs....
It is fun to see traditions carry on. This is such a fun project, for EVERYONE, young & old! We even had the PE teacher & his wife donate a cake to raffle!
Fun Day! 
There were soooo many cute & clever cakes! The kids did a great job!!! 
Clever Candy Land Game Cake...
An awesome Cheeseburger Cake....
More bragging rights from the Grand Mama....
This was Cass's Carmel Apple Cake 
Oh My this is CUTE!...
Carrot Cake!!!
Grandson & his friend "M" made this clever cake. Fishing Anyone?
Mocha Latte? Too Cute and Clever!
Got Fruit?...
Very appropriate for a school cake auction....
Cha-Cha's Pop Corn & Movie Night Cake!
YES, another granddaughter! :0

I was assigned to Cass's classroom! She was lucky enough to have not one Granny, but TWO Granny's in her classroom! We had a lot of FUN at school!
EVEN IF... I was introduced as THE Grand-Mama with Brown, GRAY & kinda
Blond-ish HAIR, WHO cooks REALLY GOOD food!
"Haha...Gotta Love Your Babies!"
Going to School with Style...
 & Eating Cake TOO!
NeeCee Signature
Speaking of Cake...Happy Birthday to YOU, Nanny!
xoxo, NeeCee

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