Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Cute & Easy Halloween Witch...

A Crafty & Cute Witch for Halloween...
 "Adorable Witch..."
 Just a few items needed:
1 pool noodle
a sharp knife or scissors
black shoes
1 pair of striped knee high socks
 1 witch hat
And... about 10 minutes top!
Cut the pool noodle into four pieces: 2 short, 2 long,
 ( use the sock to measure, leaving a couple of inches of sock at the top), 
with a sharp knife or scissors
 Stuff the sock with the shorter piece first in the foot of the sock...
Follow by stuffing the leg of the sock with the longer piece
 Next...Place the shoe on the foot!
Use both witch legs and place the witches hat over the top for a table decoration!
 The pool noodles allow the witch legs stand up straight and solid....
 You can even position the legs to look like she's walking!
"I'm Melting...."
 OR...place the tops of the socks under a door and hang her hat on the door knob!
 She is TOO Cute! 
 You could place the witches hat on the floor next to the legs TOO!
Here she is standing at the top of my stairwell!
Simple as 1, 2, 3...
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