Thursday, May 29, 2014

College Graduation Gift Idea...

I started gifting the "College Laundry Basket" years ago when our own children & their friends were headed off college.... It has always been a welcomes gift! Take a look......
 This gift has several items inside (see the last photo) ...Hangers, household & laundry cleaning products, a few towels, some cooking utensils, pot holders & more....Just a Hodge Podge of miscellaneous items needed for a college apartment or house! The kids love going through all of the items and are often surprised at the items inside...Things they haven't thought of or needed....I've even been known to throw in some popcorn and snacks. Who doesn't need a break from household chores???
 This Laundry Duffel Bag is a great gift for the grad headed to the Dorms! Usually I fill with laundry products a towel or two & some snacks! Oh and a Laundry pen....Mark your clothes & other items ...Sometimes helpful if you are sharing laundry facilities with other students. This gift is not too big and folds easily for a small dorm room!
Simply fill with household items of your choice. So easy to put together and so much appreciated! On a college kids budget...the little things add up!
Show off your Savvy Style...
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