Sunday, June 1, 2014

Custom Home Blend Tinted Moisturizer...

I recently experimented with blending my own tinted moisturizer! The results were Perfect! I am very happy with the results, best of all no one noticed I changed a thing...Also, I'm saving pennies on the dollar $$$...

 Easy as 1, 2! Simply pick out an over the counter moisturizer that is for your face with or without sunscreen included. Do the same with a bottle of foundation. Choose a color you prefer and blends well with your skin tone. Keep in mind the color will be lighter after mixed with the white moisturizer.  This beauty recipe is for a tinted moisturizer...eliminating the use of a foundation. The tinted moisturizer is light in texture & lighter in weight than the foundations. I used products with sunscreen included. I also chose a luminous blend for a slight shine/moisturized look. You may use a Matte finish, if that is what you prefer. If there are no preservatives included, store the finished product in the refrigerator when making large batches. A small amount may be left out for daily use.  Find the beauty recipe below... *If you don't choose one with a sunscreen included, you may want to add a face sunscreen to your skin care regime.
 This is very light in texture. My skins feels soft and hydrated all day. I LOVE it! Better than the Brand Name tinted moisturizer I've been using for years! The savings is amazing!
 This is a simple blending recipe of purchased pre-made products. The colors above (see photos) are as follows:
1. My Original Color Name Brand Tinted Moisturizer = $$$  Purchased at a Department Store MakeUp Counter.  2. Foundation of your choice & color = $ 3. The color of my finished blend = $. It has a slightly different "cool" color than my original, which I was wanting. Best of All...No one noticed a change in my makeup!
I have a hard time wearing Foundation...It never blends properly on my skin. And if I did wear it, it felt heavy and not natural. For Me...I like a natural, modest makeup look. The tinted moisturizer was what I needed for my skin, and have used it for years. This Home Blend is even lighter than the Brand Name variety, which is even more pleasing to me & my life style. It blends beautifully on my skin and evens out my skin tones, while leaving my face feeling wonderful. The savings alone is amazing....but, I do love how this new moisturizer feels!
Simply Show-off Your Skin with Style...

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