Friday, August 5, 2011

A Beautiful Sunrise from the Porch...

Sunrise from the porch swing....
"The Break of A New Day"
 Ornery took these beautiful pictures of the morning sunrise on a COLD spring morning. We had gotten up early, well before the break of day.
(*Look closely... on the lower left of the photo you will see the Sacramento River between the silhouette of the Oak trees.) 
I'm so grateful the camera was near by...
"The Color of the Sky was Breathtaking!"
 We had gone outside to sit on the porch swing while the coffee was brewing. This was the kind of morning that had made us WANT to move back home. 
We love the "quiet of the morning" on the river.
 "An Awesome Sight"
The ever change of colors and constant beauty keeps you in an awe of silence.
The sky changes so quickly, yet time seems to stand still.
You can't help but KNOW there is a "Higher Being"...
In the moment...,
 you FEEL as if you're all alone. But at the same time, a part of something Bigger! 
And then...as the sky parts...and day dawns...something old, begins anew!
Reflecting... WE sat and drank our coffee as the silence of daybreak woke the world to another start of day! 
God was Gracious to share His Style on this fine Spring Morning!

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