Saturday, July 20, 2013

Wow...I Feel So Special...

Today was AWESOME....It all started with a message!
A lovely message from Ono Kine Recipes...
"If it's all right with you, I would be honored to post some of your recipes on Ono Kine. I wish I would have found this site sooner."...Ono Kine
Ono Kine Recipes.... (here)
AND... don't forget to go to their Pinterest page too!
I was ecstatic to say the least! 
Honored? I'm the one that should be HONORED! Wow... How flattering is that? To be reposted by people like Ono Kine Recipes!
I am very Honored!
Just a few of my Dessert offerings...
We had a very busy weekend had of us; the County Fair, a Wedding, 3 of 9 grand kids having a weekend sleep over with Nana & Papa, the Cattle Auction, a granddaughter showing her cow/calf and more....
 All I could think about was... MY recipes about to be posted by Ono Kine and of course, the lovely comments!  
WOW...I felt so special!
 Very excited to have My recipes featured at
Ono Kine Recipes!
As some of you know, I started my Blog at the request of my children, family & friends who all wanted my recipes recorded! 
Both of our children are great cooks, my husband and I love to be in the kitchen together, he is a great Sous Chef, and the grand kids are quickly following suit.
"We LOVE to Family Cook Together!" NeeCee

So many friends and family already have "Liked" and Follow Ono Kine Recipes....If you haven't checked them out...you really should!

Their recipes are awesome!
The first recipes they shared were as follows:
"4 recipes in 1 day!"
Tuna Salad with a Twist... (here)

Cowboy Loco Moco... (here)
Chicken Marsala Pizza... (here)
and my
Taco Truck Tacos... (here)
Please stop in at Ono Kine Recipes...for a visit and tell them NeeCee at Pine Creek Style sent you by....
"Thankful to be so Blessed"
Honored & Flattered with Style...
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Love Your Comments as well....

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