Friday, July 25, 2014

Faux Marbled Walls with Awesome Results...

A simple paint change in our Master Bathroom, added light to the room & depth to the walls.  Just the look I was wanting! Our bathroom was too dark, we only get direct morning light. The dark forest green wall behind the sunken tub didn't help. The off white marble tiles have dark green veins, along with dark green diamond tiles for insets. I needed to keep some green in the room....
The back wall has been repainted in a faux marble look. I left the original forest green paint on the wall.  Then, I used a light tan and a cream over the top blending all of the colors in the room. I created a marbled look for the wall. Now you can see the veins and depth of the heavy plaster style walls. With the dark green the wall, the texture was barely noticed.
 Just look at the difference! I love the lighter look and the room looks bigger!
 Touches of green in the decor blends with the greens in the tiles and the veins of paint on the wall. The window shutters color blend nicely with the new paint color. They are a beautiful mahogany color and looked to RED with the dark green.
 I tried to give you a better look of the paints before & after! the marbles look is very subtle, so I enhance the paint color (brownish) below so you can see the marbled look up close!....
The green is actually much darker, I had to lighten it so it didn't look black! You can't see the wall texture at all! The paint on the right has been enhanced so you can see the details. The camera really didn't do the "Justice" I needed! The actual is paint, is now Marbled and a very subtle creamy tan with dark green veins.

The Marbled Look:
1. I left the Dark Forest Green paint
2. Sponged a light Tan over the top..(It looked horrible!)
3. I then sponged a light cream over the top of the 2 colors! (Yikes still ugly!)
4. Then...I used a plastic cup with WATER in it & a paint brush (2 1/2 inches wide) with a touch of cream paint on it. Then I dipped the brush in the water cup and white washed the walls in a swirl and swiping motion. I worked in small patches. Blending the edges of the last patch as I worked quickly. The secret is to not use too much paint or water. You don't want it running down the walls in streaks! Blend, Swirl & Sweep....Repeat...blending over the previous sponged area and the current blending area until all of the wall is finished.  (AWE....Much better...I love it!) Perfect!!!

The last step gives you the marbled look. It lets the veins of the darker paints show through, yet they have a light white-wash over the top to soften and blend the colors. At different times of the day, depending on the light, the marbled wall seems to subtly change color & depth. I love it...Just what I wanted.
This is the powder room, off the sunken tub area. Similar colors, are in here along with a picture that mimics the one near the sunken tub. Not shown is my antique vanity, which still has a dark green wall behind it, and is the focal point for that room!
Now the room's colors blend beautifully! **On a side note we bought this home after it had been built & painted. Some of the paint didn't quite fit our decor. This was one of the areas that didn't work for Me! I love my Stone Lady's on either side of the bay window. This new paint really shows them off nicely. AND..., I love the lighter, brighter look for putting on my makeup!
Simply Marbled Walls with Style...
 photo photo-12_zpsb1f5b574.jpg

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