Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Vintage Kitchen Chandelier...

I am so excited about this post! I just LOVE  My Vintage Chandelier! It's exactly how I had envisioned...
 "It's a Cowgirl Shabby Chic Bling Bling Thing Chandelier", NeeCee!
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 Okay....Enough about that ! "On with the Show!" Take a look at this project!!! 
"My Vintage Chrystal Chandelier"
 I bought two of these baskets 2-3 years ago on clearance at a gift shop! They are quite large! I hadn't decided what to do with them yet...and had even loaned them out for a few weddings! Mostly they were sitting & waiting.  Then it hit me...

We are building a Kitchen Garden/Greenhouse....Duh! What was I thinking??? I needed an outdoor Kitchen Chandelier! I had been collecting old silverware pieces...and I had some small Christmas Ornaments that were Crystal tear drops, also found on clearance! Project born!
 With my foot in a brace/boot and not able to get around with ease... I set out to design My Chandelier! (I had to stay off my foot as much as possible.) And ...the results were Heavenly......How fun to put together this Beauty while I was (kinda) laid up!... (I'm not a very good Couch Potato! I get bored easily I guess....) The results were Amazing...Can you tell I LOVE it???
"My Cowgirl Shabby Chic Bling Bling Thing Chandelier", NeeCee!
 I can't wait to BUILD my outdoor Kitchen garden/Greenhouse....
Here is what I used:

  • A heavy garden basket, 
  • Bailing Wire (electric fence wire, not oiled...:) Can you tell we live on a ranch?) 
  • Old silverware from thrift stores, layout the order you like before you start the project. **I placed my silverware in order, by place settings; fork, knife, spoon, repeat...then I used a serving piece...repeat around the chandelier.
  • Plastic Crystal Christmas Ornaments
  • Needle Nose Pliers with a cutter

Cut wire at arms length.  Weave and twist the items on the basket. I did a little "rosette" twist on each end of the wire...see the photo for examples.

 With the ornaments, I removed the hanging strings and cut a wire  about 8 inches long and attached to the basket. *Attach in the same fashion as mentioned above.

Each piece of silverware was wired on at the top of the utensil, on the eating end and then again on the handle. The handles were wired-on near the mid range of the basket for security (and to hold them in place, so they won't stick out). I did a free form messy-look style...for looks and character! If done in this fashion you won't need to drill press holes into the silverware...Besides I love the Shabby Chic Vintage Look it creates!
A few photos to show assembly....
I may have to hang it elsewhere first! It's too pretty not to display! Although....I do have another basket waiting in the wings...Better start hunting for more silverware...
Showing Off My Vintage Kitchen Chandelier with Style.....
 photo photo-12_zpsb1f5b574.jpg

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